// Follow the rhythm of music


Welcome to my city.
– Can you hear it?
– Can you hear anything?
– Exactly!
Absolute silence is the only law here…
– Nowadays sounds are illegal.
– Forbidden,
If only you don't have big money...
Or some wit and musical ear.
In the world where the silence is the only anthem,
You should break the law to bring back the sound and the music to humanity.

We are here to challenge the system.


Hardcore rhythm beat ’em up game in the cyberpunk style with colorful animation of characters, spectacular FX.

Get ready for intense combat action as you battle with numerous guardians of the total silence on the beat of music using 4 buttons.

Feel the rhythm, collect combo’s to hit massive range attacks.

The direct connection between the music beat and your character’s moving will give a new gaming experience.

The game provides several levels of difficulty including a hard mode for high score gainers and the achievers.

Play with keyboard, controller or even with USB dance pad.


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